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- Canadian Geographic, Citizen to scientist: Six apps that can help you make a difference

- Toronto Life, "When Covid hit and the world went into lockdown, I was secretly relieved." 

- Canadian Geographic, What does sustainable architecture look like in the Arctic? 

- The Review of Journalism, Can Photojournalism Help Save the Environment? 

- The Review of Journalism, Instagram Versus Reality

- Canadian Geographic, Toronto city council votes to save historic red oak

- Canadian Geographic, COVID-19 vaccine might require compounds from shark liver

- Canadian Geographic, Investing in Canada’s biodiversity: Federal government funds $2M for wildlife conservation in Kootenay region of British Columbia

- Canadian Geographic, Study finds reef sharks ‘functionally extinct’ from 20 per cent of the world’s reefs

- Canadian Geographic, Could cancer have killed the dinosaurs?

- Canadian Geographic, Flooding increases B.C. numbers of mosquitos

- Canadian Geographic, More people, more animal encounters mean more human-wildlife conflicts

- Canadian Geographic, Can PEI reach their 7 per cent protected land goal by the end of the year?

- Canadian Geographic Travel, Cooking with crickets: A sustainable food option packed with protein

- Canadian Geographic, Bioplastics: Don’t let the label fool you

- Canadian Geographic, Rebound of the black swifts: Johnston Canyon reports an increase in endangered bird species

- Canadian Geographic, Salmon in the city

- Canadian Geographic, Turtle dumping: Red-eared sliders are invading native turtle habitats in Ontario

- Canadian Geographic, Pushing limits across Lake Ontario: Mario Rigby on his next adventure

- Canadian Geographic, “If this tree could talk:” The fight to save Zhelevo, Toronto’s most iconic red oak

- The Ryersonian, Coping with an eating disorder while in isolation

- The Ontarion, BacTEAria: Would you like some bacteria with your tea?

- The Ontarion, Magnesium supplements

- The Ontarion, Juried Art Show celebrates student artists

- The Ontarion, An avocado a day makes the healthy fat stay

- The Ontarion, Move aside coffee, matcha is the new go-to caffeinated beverage

- The Ontarion, Is coconut oil a superfood?

- The Ontarion, Chia seeds: the runners’ food


- Film contributions to the film, RESTAURATION | RESTORATION  

- Photograph for the exhibit, Reframe, published by Photographers Without Borders 

- Video  for Canadian Geographic, “If this tree could talk:” The fight to save a 300-year old red oak in Toronto

- Cover Photo for Canadian Association of Black Lawyers, Race and Criminal Injustice

- Photograph for We Said Go Travel, Not Meant for Cages

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